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Heli Rescue

Helicopter rescue and charter service is most important service that has to be facilitated among the travelers who visit Nepal. Nepal is mountainous country, thousands of travelers visit Nepal for the purpose of trekking and peak climbing. So while climbing high ghcghcgcbpeaks, serious and emergency help may be needed. Helicopter rescue services are the fast and most reliable alternative air ambulance which rescue the trapped travelers from getting the worse situation. The most common rescue that travelers needed is when they are caught by altitude sickness. In Himalayan region of Nepal weather and climate is unpredictable, so while climbing the peak massive wind may cause a serious accident at that moment rescue is very important. So, in a minimum period of time rescue should be operated at the right time at right place. One of the key things that travelers have to keep in their mind while traveling in Nepal is Life Insurance. Before risking your own life climbing the highest peak you must choose the best insurance policy.

Rescue evacuation should be so efficient and effective so that victims can feel relief within a short period of time. We assure that our rescue services are effective and much reliable which can get the victims out of trouble in short period of time. Though medical kit that most of the travelers carried may not that much effective in emergency cases, so at that time rescue and medical evacuation service will be there within a short span of time. Providing safety measures in an efficient way is our responsibility. So we are always by your side to keep you out of trouble without wasting any meantime. We know the value of the life of the travelers. Keeping that in mind we always raise our hand first to serve you as an experienced rescue team. Curiosity and desire to rescue travelers and trekkers have been always the main motto of our team. Working as a team we have saved many trekker’s life and have experience on how to deal with very emergency situations.