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Everest Trek Packing List

Everest Trek Packing List

The majestic Himalayas, especially the naturist climate, environment and weather would make you fall in love and push you towards high elevation. Everest Base Camp trek is the marvelous trek leading towards the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest.

Planning for Everest base camp trek but getting confusion regarding the packing list. No worries, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour have tried it’s best to collect all the packing list and enlisted in this article. Taking right clothes and gears make the EBC trek more interesting because you don’t need to worry about it during the trekking hours. For females, it must to know details regarding the Everest Base Camp Packing List.

Solo trekkers to EBC, especially females must note and carry all sets of required clothing and other gears. The climate of the Everest region changes with the increase in elevation. The cold air blows in the higher altitude and you feel altitude sickness and other problems. So, be prepared to face any sorts of conditions during the Everest Base Camp trek.

Important Packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek

When you go trek higher elevation, the health problem arises. Sometimes, you feel headache, fever, nausea and sometimes vomiting. The disease is called Altitude Sickness. You can’t find pharmacy and health post around the area. so, taking medical kits is compulsory during the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Small sized first aid box is okay for the trek. Carry the medicines listed below:

  • Diamox Tablets
    These tablet prevents you from altitude sickness. You get rid of headaches, vomiting when you take this medicine. Few health posts are arranged along the trail but its thousand times better to carry your personal medical kits.
  • Blister Plasters
    Occasionally, you may get trouble on your feet sometimes. It creates trouble with painful blister. So, carry blister plasters with you which prevents from small wounds.
  • Water Purifier Tablets
    Thee price of water at higher altitude is high and contaminated. Also, you don’t find it in the trail. Sometimes, you will need to fill river water, purify it using tablets and drink.
  • Dettol
    If your body part gets wounded, you can use Dettol ultimately which stops the wound coming from the infected part.
  • Painkillers
    Trekking higher elevation causes headache and dizziness. So, during that time you can have painkillers which makes you feel relief.
  • Regular Medicines (If Any)
    If you are victim of the sudden disease and are having it frequently, pleases buy them extra and bring it for Everest Base Camp trek.
    Clothing for Everest Base Camp Trek

Taking the right clothes in the right season is necessary. The items you take depends on climatic and weather situation. However, it’s essential to take all the clothing and gears because the climate of the Everest region is unpredictable. Following are some of the things required for a female during the Everest Base Camp Trek:

Sports Bra
Wearing comfort bra is recommended during the trekking hours. And, it’s necessary wearing it. During the trek to Everest Base Camp, the more numbers of ascending and descending will make you sweat. The profit of wearing sports bra is it absorbs the sweats and makes you sweat free.

Down Jacket
The jacket is very important during the winter season trek to EBC. The temperature reached minus degree Celsius in higher elevation. So, carry down jacket which keeps you warm.

Jackets (Waterproof and Windproof)
Especially, in the monsoon season, a waterproof jacket is essential. The weather is unpredictable and can rain at any time. in such case, waterproof and windproof jackets help to get rid of rainfall.

Hiking socks
Walking for 6-7 hours is a really tedious task. Your feet become wet frequently. So, buy hiking socks will help you to keep your feet dry and prevents infections.

Trekking Trousers
Wearing comfort trekking trousers makes the trek easy. Wear a convertible pair of trousers. You can wear shorts or half pants as per the weather condition.

Comfort clothes

Never wear uncomfortable clothes throughout the trek. Since the trekking hours are long, you need to care about comfort clothes rather than the fancy one. You can wear light clothes during the trek.

Shoes for female Everest base Camp trekkers

Hiking Boots
The paths are sloppy, rocky with more numbers of ascending and descending. So, mandatory to wear durable hiking boots.

During the Everest Base Camp trek, you can’t find slippers on the lodges and teahouses. So, carry it with you is essential.

Gear for Female Everest Base Camp trekkers

  • Trekking Poles
  • Hiking bag pack
  • Headlamps
  • Raincoats
  • Water bottle

Other Required Items

  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Maps
  • Sunglasses
  • Headphone
  • Toilet paper
  • Napkins