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Glacier Lake Trek

Glacier Lake Trek

You know the first step is the hardest and the most curious one, just make it success. Glacier Lakes mostly are found above 4000 meters. Tilicho Lake stands as the World Biggest and high altitude glacier lake lying at an elevation of 4919 m. Do you believe that the glacier lake exists in half of the elevation of Tilicho Lake? No, Visit Kaphuche Lake which is sitting at an altitude of just 2,450 m.

The name sounds strange right, but it carries meaning. According to Local Gurung of Annapurna region in Kaski District, “Ka” means ice, “Phu” means the breakdown of ice and “Che” means the corner. So, the overall meaning is a breakdown of ice in the corner. One may get amazed about its formation, the lake is a combination of 3 glacier lakes. Due to the continuous avalanche from Annapurna II, the Glacier lake was formed.

Gateway of Kophuche Lake-Sikles

The village is less populated, and beautiful lying at an elevation of 2000m near Pokhara. The village is just 4 hours of drive from Pokhara. It’s a Gurung village serving typical lodges and accommodations. There’s an interesting story behind this name. Locals say that the name was kept as “Sick Less” by a foreigner who found the area suitable for trekking. Actually, the village was an inhabitant of birds, especially there are many swallows in the area. So, the exact name of the village is Chilli Naasaa which means village of Swallow.

Best Time to Travel

This Glacier Lake trekking is possible throughout the year except the rainy season. The trail becomes slippery. End of May to July can be a bit difficult for trekking to Kophuche Lake. Other than that, you can hike easily, watch glorious views of mountain ranges, a glimpse of forest and village areas.

Trekking Route:

Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara
4-hours drive from Pokhara to Sikles
Sikles to Kophuche Lake
Kophuche Lake to Huku. Then back Sikles
Sikles to Pokhara and Back to Kathmandu


Day 01: Drive or flight from Capital of Nepal to Pokhara

Catch an early public tourist bus or Hiace. It takes 7-8 hours depending upon the traffic jam. Hiace or micro bus is the fastest and cheapest means of transportation to Pokhara. If you don’t face Traffic jam, usually micro bus takes you to Pokhara in 5 hours. Also, you can take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara which takes just 25 minutes. If you get time, go for Boating at Phewa Lake.

Where to Stay: You can stay anywhere at Lakeside. The glimpse of mountain ranges, lake and houses amaze you. The hotels around lakeside are cheap and affordable with all sorts of facilities provided. Don’t forget to taste Thakali food of Pokhara.

Day 02: Drive from Pokhara to Sikles -4 hours

After 30 minutes ride from Lakeside to Kahu Khola, you can catch a local bus or Jeep to Sikles. The road is bumpy. If you wish to go on a village tour, experience a life of a villager, go on a public vehicle which leaves at 7:30 from Kahu Khola and the last one at 3 pm.

Where to Stay: The areas consists of guest houses and homestay. Homestay is far better than a guest house. You can experience the lifestyle of Nepalese people and get in-depth knowledge of local people’s culture, tradition, custom and religion.

Day 03: Sikles to Huku- 7 Hours

The trekking distance is longer with a confusing trail. Better take a guide along the trail. Have your breakfast, if possible Daal Bhat and leave the trail because you can’t find teahouse on the way. The suspension bridge, high hills, waterfall are the main attraction of today’s Glacier lake trek.

Day 04: Huku to Kophuche lake (2 Hours) and back to Huku

Today you need to trek along with forest areas and narrow path. You can witness captivating scenes of Blue-green colour lake in the shadow of Annapurna II. Words aren’t enough to capture the beauty of this lake.

Day 05: Huku to Sikles (7 hours)

The trail is the same so the difficulty is. You need to walk two downhills. Don’t be afraid, chill you can do it easily.

Day 06: Sikles to Pokhara (4 hours)

Return to Pokhara, hike toward Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake or go for paragliding to Sarangkot.

Day 07: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Nature attracts heart, your mind is still hanging over those suspension bridges, homestay and moreover, the Kophuche Glacier Lake. Trust me, the journey brings new waves to your life. This Glacier Lake trek is budget and time friendly. Make your mind today to go for KOPHUCHE GLACIER LAKE TREK.

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