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Glacier Lake Trek

You know the first step is the hardest and the most curious one, just make it success. Glacier Lakes mostly are found above 4000 meters. Tilicho Lake stands as the World Biggest and high altitude glacier lake lying at an elevation of 4919 m. Do you believe that the glacier lake exists in half of the elevation of Tilicho Lake? No, Visit Kaphuche Lake which is sitting at an altitude of just 2,450 m. The name sounds strange right, but [...]

EBC Trek in Nepal

People may gaze on you when you say about Nepal. When it comes to Mt. Everest, everyone shows their interest and enthusiasm. Nepal is a peaceful country gifted by nature. The land, being small is home of thousands of animals, birds, forest resources, and mountain ranges. Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal in May could be marvelous with full of cherishing and happy faces on the trail. It’s worth going for the Everest Base Camp Trek in May. The month [...]

Annapurna Helicopter Tour

It’s your determination where lies the difference between Impossible and Possible. You may spend your life waiting for someone going for the tour. Once you think of going for the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour. The dazzling forest areas, hills and scenarios views will definitely bring a certain kind of craziness on your mind. The ABC Helicopter Tour is perfect for family tour. No physical fitness, no regular exercise is required for the tour. However, prepare the medicines necessary, who [...]

Trekking in Nepal in April

New month, new goals and new beginnings, hello to April and Good Bye March. I believe that it’s the month of success, cherish and wonderland. The month falls under Spring season. So has its own beauty. Joining us for trekking in Nepal in April may be your best decision. The nature of Nepal describes the month as the clean clear sky, greenery surrounding, and picturesque temples, monuments, towns, and valleys. Spring season, also known as cherry blossom season in Nepal. [...]