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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Sightseeing flight tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Sightseeing flight tour

A Proper Sightseeing through Everest base camp helicopter tour
Everest base camp helicopter tour gives you a kinda eagle’s eye view of
Kathmandu’s dramatic architecture and world heritage listed sites as well as the
lush farming lands surrounding the city, the rolling landscapes of the Chepang hills
right down to the flat Teri and Chitwan National Park.

Such kind of heli trekking allows you to experience the vivid scenery and beauty of
the Himalaya and meet the culturally rich people that live there without actually
trekking days on end. Within an hour of Kathmandu you can easily be in the heart
of the Himalaya. Try one of these beauties –

Everest base camp helicopter tour service from ‘Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
(P) LTD’, a breathtaking four hours of flying time takes you right into the heart of
the Khumbhu near to Mount Everest. Fly over glaciers and ice falls and stare face to
face with the tallest mountain in the world! Spend some ground time to snap
photos and interact with the local Sherpa People.

Have we wet your appetite for heli-sightseeing and heli-trekking yet? Not sure
about the safety of the birds? Rest assured, ‘Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour (P)
LTD’ is one of the most reputed helicopter services in Asia. We have good charter
which has one of the best safety records in its class. The chopper can fly up to
elevations of 16,000 feet and is often used in emergency high altitude rescues.
They also charter the newer technology some which can soar to the heady heights
of 20,000 feet without a problem.