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Select best Time for EBC Heli Tour

Select best Time for EBC Heli Tour

Best Time to go for the adventurous Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Are you planning to do Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour and want to know about the best time to go? If yes, then this blog post will clearly answer your questions regarding the best time for Everest helicopter tour.

Tour Highlights:-

You will enjoy the blissful Helicopter flight directly from Kathmandu to the base of the world’s highest peak.

You get to fly over the major places of the Everest Base Camp trek and catch the eagle eye’s view of the region within a very few hours.

You will reach the Everest Base Camp, without a drop of sweat or lethargy, with a comfortable helicopter flight.

You will dine in the Everest View Hotel, one of the finest high altitude hotels in the world!

You will see some of the best mountain views in the world!

No need to Everest Trek for days to reach Everest Base Camp. You can wave to the trekkers far below as you enjoy your aerial view of the area.

Best Time for Tour:-

Spring Season:-

In Nepal, the spring season falls in the months of March, April and May. This time is best for helicopter flight in the Himalayan region. The days are sunny and clear. So the visibility is very good in spring. The weather is favorable one. Less rain and less windy days are best for the helicopter flight.

Springtime is best for a heli tour because of the awesome views of Himalayas, colourful landscape and flow of trekkers in the Everest region. To explore the climbing trip of Mount Everest climbers, this time is the ideal one.

Autumn Season:-

The autumn season falls under the month of September, October and November. So the weather is cool after the rainy season and less rains. The hills and valleys are green with the monsoon season. The view is superb one. The sky will be clear and days are warm enough. The visibility is clear and good. So helicopter tours in the mountains of September, October and November are awesome in autumn. It is the top most favorable season for trekking in Nepal Himalayas.

Winter Season:-

The winter season in Nepal falls in the months of December, January and February. This time is also suitable for helicopter flight. The hills and peaks are fully covered by snow and everywhere in the mountain area is covered by snow. The crystal clear views of the Himalayas is awesome. Helicopters on this time are good but the visibility might not be clear all the time. Snowfall might occur so it is better to check the weather forecast for the helicopter flight.

Rainy Season:-

If you are planning for the helicopter flight in the monsoon season, it is not advisable one. The frequent change in weather will affect the regular flight and it is dangerous to fly in low visibility. Heavy rainfall might disturb the helicopter to fly and land at different places. So a helicopter tour on Everest is not suggested in the rainy season. However it is possible to operate in this time.

Whether you are young or old, this ride is safe for you. You will be in good hands with our trained and experienced staff. We understand that compared to the Helicopter Tour between airport to airport may seem expensive. But to cater to our clients’ needs we have now arranged group programmes which keep the prices down making the tour more affordable.

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