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Best Time to visit Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Helicopter Visit is worked consistently. Be that as it may, the best time for Heli visit is Spring and Pre-winter during which the environment stays clear and jaunty. May and September to November are the greatest months to partake in the lovely view and extraordinary experience of flying over the Himalayas. During Winter and Summer, there will be the chance of flight dropping because of cloudy mist and nonstop shower precipitation. There is a 100%fund discount to ensure on [...]

About KTM Lukla Helicopter Flight

These days Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter flight is generally requesting for Everest headquarters journey. In view of the terrible climate, vacationers need to take a Helicopter to travel to Lukla Air terminal. In the event that weather conditions will be overcast or rainning, Carrier doesn't go to Lukla Air terminal. In this present circumstance a wide range of explorers need to fly by helicopter from Kathmandu Air terminal. Not just this, in the event that we don’t have directs Carrier departure [...]

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Sightseeing flight tour

A Proper Sightseeing through Everest base camp helicopter tourEverest base camp helicopter tour gives you a kinda eagle’s eye view ofKathmandu's dramatic architecture and world heritage listed sites as well as thelush farming lands surrounding the city, the rolling landscapes of the Chepang hillsright down to the flat Teri and Chitwan National Park. Such kind of heli trekking allows you to experience the vivid scenery and beauty ofthe Himalaya and meet the culturally rich people that live there without actuallytrekking [...]

Blog Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

The most liked and chosen flight in Nepal popularly known as Helicopter tour to Mount Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu Nepal is reaching option on the altitude of Kalapatthar on the elevation of 5545 meters from sea level. The tour is appropriate for all type of age group who prefers to close view of world’s highest peak. Among the hundreds of treks and tours in Nepal, the helicopter tour is most popular because tourists can observe all the white peaks [...]