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Landing Tour at Everest Base Camp by Helicopter Flight

Nepal is a small beautiful land of high hills, temples, Culture and tradition. The Everest region is full of Himalayas, evergreen forest and traditional villages. If you are planning to travel Nepal, Everest region is best option for you. Landing Tour at Everest Base Camp by helicopter flight tour brings all sorts of joyous, excitement, and life changing unforgettable experience. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the trending activity in Nepal. The Everest Helicopter tour can be done any [...]

Shortest Way to Reach Everest Base Camp

Trekking in Nepal is all about mysterious journey towards high hills, mountain ranges, enchanting waterfalls, and glorious nature. There’s a saying Dream before you accomplish. And we say, dream before you go to the Everest region. What could be the shortest way to reach Everest Base Camp? Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, one of the leading packages in Nepal is the shortest way to reach Everest Base Camp. Indeed, you can choose the shortest trek to the Everest region if [...]

Shortest Hiking

Heaven for trekkers, including hundreds of rare, unique creatures is Nepal. It’s a true lifetime experience exploring the high hills, forest areas, mountain ranges, traditional villages and glacier lakes. One can have multiple choices to go for short treks in Nepal. In fact, many trekking destinations are yet to be discovered. Dozens of short Hiking for week or less available in Nepal. The pleasant climatic condition, enchanting wild life, flora, fauna, and huge number of religious and cultural Heritage makes [...]

Can you take Helicopter to the top of Mount Everest?

When you think about visiting Mt. Everest and imagine climbing it just gives you goosebumps. Having an altitude of 8,848 meters and being the tallest mountain on Earth. It won’t be a surprise that if reaching the top of Everest was easier, everyone would dream about summiting it. But Everest Base Camp Trek Helicopter ride has put curiosity in everyone’s heart,  Can you take Helicopter to the top of Mount Everest? Well, the answer is pretty simple. No, we can’t. [...]