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Autumn Trek to EBC

Autumn Trek to EBC

The region of miracle Himalayan Peaks, mountain ranges, forest, natural resources, and high hills is Everest region. Nepal is rich in culture and natural diversity. There exist eight mountain higher mountain peaks in Nepal. The land of beautiful soul and travelers, Everest Base Camp trek in autumn season is wonderland with mighty creatures including snow animals, birds, glacier, lakes, suspension bridge, and perennial rivers.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa initially started Everest region trekking. They went trekking along the Everest region. They found the route, and later on, declared as “Everest Base Camp Trek.” Lukla Airport, which is the most dangerous in the world, was constructed by Sir Edmund Hillary and his team. Everest View Hotel is another famous destination. The Hotel is known as the highest elevation hotel lying at an elevation of 3880 m. You can get an incredible landscape of Mt. Everest from the balcony of the Hotel.

Everest Base Camp trek in Autumn is lovely. Autumn is known as the king of all seasons for trekking in Nepal. The cherry blossom season with varieties of flowers, birds, and animals. Of course, the trip would be fabulous, and you can make a lot of permanent memories.

Features of Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

Stunning Weather Condition

You can witness five different seasonal changes in Nepal. Winter, summer, monsoon, spring, and Autumn. Autumn is the king of all seasons. You get fresh air, warm welcome from birds, trees, and flowers including locals. Autumn is the busiest season to go for Everest Base Camp trek. You can witness crystal clear sky, snow-capped mountains, hills, forest areas, wild lives, and many more during your Trek to Everest Base Camp in Autumn. The temperature is moderate during days and night. There’s less chance of profound change in temperature. Also, the rainfall is less, and ultimately you can get fabulous views of mountain ranges.

Season of Festivals in Nepal

Autumn falls under September to November. The major festivals of Nepal: Dashain and Tihar fall in October. Every Nepalese company, governmental offices remain closed during the festival. You can be a part of it. You will get warm blessings by locals on the trail. The guides and porters will speak details about the festivals. The Sherpa people have a 19 days long Mani Rimdu festival celebration time. Their dance, custom, unique style of celebrating a festival will impress you. The festival marks the victory of Buddhism over Bon (Demon). That’s why there is a huge celebration every year in Everest region during this time.

Colorful Views

Autumn is the perfect time for trekking to Everest Base Camp. The picturesque mountain views, rivers, lakes, hills would blow your mind. You don’t feel lonely, indeed explore excellent trekking towards the beauty of nature. There is no worry about loneliness. Sometimes, your tiredness will be taken away by those mountain ranges, high hills, and traditional villages. The village areas are full of traditional colorful villages with colorful traditional customs.

Heavy Discount

There’s a massive competition between different travel companies. They’re trying their best to attract the clients. That’s the primary reason for decreasing price. So, they keep packages at low cost and try to promote them. It will benefit you because you can have multiple choices to choose for the cheapest one. There are also many other extra offers, including monasteries, museum visit, observe wildlife and many more.

That’s why you shouldn’t waste your time and book for Everest Base Camp Trek as soon as possible. Late booking may lead to many disadvantages like unavailability of teahouses.

Happy Kathmandu

Every trekker roams around Kathmandu city before going for the Trek. You can observe a calm environment. People are laughing, sharing joys, and enjoying the festival. The shops will be full of Festival items. The Crowd is very less, and the number of vehicles decreases because everyone goes to their home town to celebrate the festival with their family member. Walking around the Thamel area at night is fantastic. Notably, the street foods, including fish, Sausage Mo: Mo, are delicious.

Difficulties for Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn Season

Everest Base Camp trek is leading Trek in Nepal. It is challenging because you’ve to face many up hills and down hills and hazardous because of altitude sickness. Many trekkers face this problem, and now it has become a common problem to all the Everest Base Camp trekkers in Nepal. That’s why we say solo trekking to Everest region is extremely dangerous.

When you face the symptoms of altitude sickness, immediately apply the preventive measures. Some of the signs and preventive measures are listed below

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Mild Fever
  • Stomach Ache

Preventive measures for Altitude Sickness

  • Avoid trekking higher elevation. If possible, Trek down
  • Drink plenty of water immediately when you feel the symptoms of altitude sickness
  • Stop the trekking and rest for a few minutes
  • Avoid eating oily foods. Nepalese traditional food gives you strength for continuously trekking.

When you trek higher, you find an increase in the price tag of food items and lodges. The air gets thinner and thinner, which makes it colder. That’s why there is always coldness in the higher elevation above 3000 m. So, the temperature is still below 0 above 3000m.

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