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EBC Trek in Nepal

EBC Trek in Nepal

People may gaze on you when you say about Nepal. When it comes to Mt. Everest, everyone shows their interest and enthusiasm. Nepal is a peaceful country gifted by nature. The land, being small is home of thousands of animals, birds, forest resources, and mountain ranges. Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal in May could be marvelous with full of cherishing and happy faces on the trail.

It’s worth going for the Everest Base Camp Trek in May. The month falls under the summer season. The weather remains warm through out the day. You get multiple options to explore the green lush forest, small valleys, villages, culture, tradition, and the mountain ranges. As per the weather condition, may is considered one of the safest month for trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in May

  • Scenic view of Kathmandu valley
  • The warm, clear and sunny weather makes the trail easy. Also, the chance of altitude sickness decreases
  • Pre-monsoon rain adds beauty to the trail. After the rain, the sky becomes more clear, and you can observe spectacular views of mountain ranges
  • Passing through the gateway of the Everest Region: Namche Bazaar
  • Explore Khumbu Glacier-the largest glacier of Nepal
  • Reaching Kalapather is a lifetime memory
  • Happy trail

Why Everest Base Camp trek in May

Days become longer

The daylight exceeds to 8-9 hours. This ultimately reflects your trek. You can enjoy nature for a longer period of time. No need to rush for lodging because you can find them easily.

Rhododendron Forest

It’s a national flower of Nepal. All you can see are the varieties of rhododendrons on the trail. It’s believed that the flower when dissolved and ate, makes our bone stronger. Explore the Rhododendron forest on the trail. May is the last month of Rhododendron.

Season of Buddhist Festival

Buddha Jayanti, the famous festival of Buddhist falls on the full moon day of either April or May. The festival is celebrated in the remembrance of Lord Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born on this day.

Buddhist people go to monasteries, gompas, Buddhist temples, worship Lord Buddha and celebrate the festival.

Weather Condition of Everest Base Camp in May

Normally, the first half of the month is spring and the next half is summer. The day temperature rises to 15℃ whereas the night temperature reaches to 0℃.

You can observe crystal clear sky in the morning but the evening is dusty with more chances of rainfall.

Packing List for Everest Base Camp trek in May

  • Warm Cap
  • Rain Jacket
  • Rain Trousers
  • Bag pack cover
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Shorts
  • Trekking Map
  • Water Bottle
  • Portable Charger
  • Camera
  • Washing Powder
  • Trash Bag
  • Medical Kits

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal in May

Everest Base Camp Trek in May is enjoyable with drastic views of crystal clear skies, the highest peak of the world, few world top 10 peaks, rhododendron forest, grassy land, Namche Bazaar and the Kathmandu Valley.

Hiring A Guide or Porter

Newbie trekker to the Everest Base Camp must hire a guide and a porter. It may not be necessary for those who know about the trekking trails and itineraries. Local Guides used by us are fully experienced having brief knowledge about the trail, lodges and the tea houses. They help you a lot when you feel altitude sickness. Porters carry all your bag pack. Keep in mind that, porters are also human like us, so never give them much more weight of bag pack.

Train Yourself

Training yourself before the Everest Base Camp Trek makes you physically fit and fine and fully prepared. You can go for long walk, join training centres, play outdoor games daily, and perform yoga. The daily trekking duration is 6-7 hours which can be easily accomplished only if you’re physically and mentally prepared for it.

Advance Booking

Spring season is the peak month for trekking in the Everest region. Also, the tea houses may remain pack. Therefore, book the Everest Base Camp Trek earlier to decrease the burden while trekking.


Can you clarify to me about the best Everest region trekking package?

Well, for a limited time phrase, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is best. If you have time to explore the Everest region, you can go for 14 days Everest Base Camp trek. It’s a comfort and exciting. Also, if you have 6-7 days in Nepal, but wish to go for the Everest Region trekking, you can choose 5 days Everest Base Camp trek.

Thus, depending upon the time gap, you can choose the trek. Go, enjoy the beauty of Namche Bazaar.

What sort of difficulties do we face during EBC trek in May?

The higher elevation receives less amount of oxygen. So, you may face altitude sickness anytime. Be physically and mentally well-prepared for that. Carry all the medicines required. No worries, your guide will be helping you in all sorts of difficulties. Further, you may need to spend hours of time in search of teahouses. Advance booking of the trek reduces the problem.

Final Say,

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour has been serving since long. Our dedicated members care about your health and a successful trail. We never wish to spend your money on unnecessary items. Our pricing is affordable and cheaper than other travel agencies. We believe in success. And that’s what we have been doing since a decade. Any sorts of queries are highly appreciated.

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