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Tea House Food in EBC Trek

It may be a new term for you 'Tea house,' actually; the word clarifies its meaning itself. Tea house is a specific house serving you Tea, yes that's near to your answer. Early days, the locals used to sit on the roadway with some chairs offering Tea to the guest. With the increase in guest and time, they came to the point of shifting their business into houses. Now, they serve every food items, including western foods. Of course, they [...]

Off Season Treks and Tours

Nepal is the Land of Peace, happy faces and mix of traditional as well as western Lifestyle. The land of Lord Buddha, thousands of Brave soldiers who fought till their last heartbeat, the country of hundreds of ethnic groups celebrating their custom, culture, and festival in Nepal. The history of Trekking in Nepal began in 1949 when a British traveler, Bill Tilman trek to different places taking the permission of the King.There are dozens of Low off season treks and [...]

Major Attraction of EBC Trek

Going back to the history of the World, people used to feel afraid when they hear about 'Climbing Mt. Everest'. However, the situation is completely changed now. Even a sixteen years old Sherpa Brave Guy climbed the Mt. Everest and proved his Bravery to the globe. He is none other than Temba Tsheri. Then, people came to realize that it's not hard to climb until and unless we desire and dream of it. Later, Jordan Romero from the USA climbed [...]

Less Crowded Treks in Nepal

Nepal, the land of Tenzing Sherpa, Mt. Everest, Red Panda, varieties of butterflies is peaceful country with thousands of trekking and tour destination. The heart of Nepal, Kathmandu is populated with five of the World Heritage enlisted sites. Nowadays, the crowd of bikes in the city area is equal to that of trekkers visiting Nepal yearly. Some of them trek to Nepal frequently, some in a year and some once in their life time. They carry sweet memory which could [...]

Kathmandu Cycling Tour

Group Size: 1-12 people Maximum Elevation: 1,300 m Destination: Nepal Duration: 1 Day Trip Introduction: The 1-day cycling tour offers you with the spectacular views of Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is rich in culture, art, temples, villages, high hills and Gompas. You can get plenty of options to go through Nepalese culture and tradition. Also, can make talking with the locals. Exploring Kathmandu valley riding with passion is fun and many people enjoy it. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour assist [...]

Glacier Lake Trek

You know the first step is the hardest and the most curious one, just make it success. Glacier Lakes mostly are found above 4000 meters. Tilicho Lake stands as the World Biggest and high altitude glacier lake lying at an elevation of 4919 m. Do you believe that the glacier lake exists in half of the elevation of Tilicho Lake? No, Visit Kaphuche Lake which is sitting at an altitude of just 2,450 m. The name sounds strange right, but [...]

EBC Trek in Nepal

People may gaze on you when you say about Nepal. When it comes to Mt. Everest, everyone shows their interest and enthusiasm. Nepal is a peaceful country gifted by nature. The land, being small is home of thousands of animals, birds, forest resources, and mountain ranges. Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal in May could be marvelous with full of cherishing and happy faces on the trail. It’s worth going for the Everest Base Camp Trek in May. The month [...]